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g1rescue pumper

Truck: 2006 Pierce Enforcer

Capacity: 900 Gallons of Water / 30 Gallons of Foam

Pump: 1750 GPM


8.9L Cummins Diesel single axle with a cab that seats 8 firefighters.


This unit has on board and a portable J.A.W.S. system including cutters, spreaders, and ram unit, air bag lifting system allowing for stabilization and lifting of objects including semi-trucks, tractors, cars, and trailers.


Multiple hand tools are located throughout sliding compartments, along with hazmat, medical, multi-location quick connect winch system, both battery and gas powered hand saws, wireless headset cab area system, S.C.B.A. packs embedded into seats, extra air bottles, remote control deck water cannon, light tower, internal foam system, motorized ladder gantry, thermal imaging camera, MultiGas meter, over 2,000 feet of water hose, gas powered fan, cribbing for scene object stabilization, helicopter landing zone lights, hand held fire extinguishers, and an internal truck PTO generator.

g2grass fire & Medical

Truck: 2015 Dodge Ram 5500

Capacity: 300 Gallons of Water / 10 Gallons of Foam

Pump: 250 GPM


4x4 Diesel 6.7L with a cab that seats 5 firefighters.


This unit is used as a first response medical truck, to suppress fires in fields and other off road areas, holds extra 30 minute air bottles and 2 S.C.B.A. air packs.


Truck also holds miscellaneous tools such as A.E.D., portable suction machine, multi trauma bag, stokes basket, backboard, neck braces, K.E.D. board, traffic control devices, telescoping scene lights, oxygen, helicopter landing zone lights, “Project Lifesaver” location finding tool, hand lights, helicopter landing zone lights, and MultiGas meter (Checks carbon monoxide, oxygen concentration, explosives, and hydrogen sulfide).


Truck has an onboard Kubota diesel engine with 300 feet of hose with side “whip” lines for spraying water off side of truck while in motion. A remote control front bumper nozzle and 3 corner fixed sprayers allow for additional fire suppression while truck is moving. Front enclosed bumper winch allows for numerous ways of force and a special tool stored on the top of truck allows to pull vehicles out of soft ground if stuck.


g3water tanker

Truck: 1986 International

Capacity: 3000 Gallons of Water

Pump: 250 GPM


9.0L Detroit Diesel Dual Axle with a cab that seats 3 firefighters.


This unit can deliver water and holds extra air bottles and 2 S.C.B.A. packs. Water can be pumped or gravity fed with the rear chutes and truck has a 3,000 gallon portable tank that can be deployed anywhere on the fire scene.


 Truck holds multiple hand tools, fittings, hand lights, extra 400 feet of water hose, multiple ladders, pike polls, hand held fire extinguishers, and portable water packs are available on the truck for fire scene needs.


Truck: 1995 Freightliner Pierce

Capacity: 1000 Gallons of Water

Pump: 1250 GPM


8.3L Cummins Diesel single axle with a cab that seats 6 firefighters.


This unit has a onboard diesel generator with telescoping scene lights, over 2,000 feet of water hose, S.C.B.A. packs embedded into seats, extra air bottles, gas powered fan, helicopter landing zone lights, hand held fire extinguishers, extra foam storage, multiple ladders, thermal imaging camera, and hand lights.


g5responder truck

Truck: 2015 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4

5.7L V8 with a cab that seats 5 firefighters.


This unit is able to transport the air trailer to and from scenes, transport equipment, bring additional personnel to scene, and used as a first responder unit for command officer to arrive on scene first for “size up”.

g7air trailer

Dual axle utility trailer converted into “Bauer” air filling system. Multiple large 50 pound air tanks along with a booster pump for filling S.C.B.A. bottles up to 4,500 PSI in short time. The trailer has extra S.C.B.A. packs for scene operations and extra 30 minute breathing air bottles. A portable generator inside allows for lighting and heating to be available. Grain rescue equipment and repelling harnesses are also stored here.


g8rescue boat

Boat:  Inmar Inflatable Rescue Boat

17.5 Ft. 40HP Evinrude that holds 12 passengers or 2,890 lbs.

The rescue boat was funded by the Sandusky County Communities Foundation, GVFD Inc., Madison Township Board of Trustees and the Village of Gibsonburg. It allows to provide coverage for swimmers, boaters, kayaker's and drivers at White Star Park, Silver Rock Quarry and many other water ways in surrounding communities.

G8 is equipped with 12 life jackets, rescue boards, paddles and 1,000 foot of rescue rope in throw bags.


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